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Suncare Webinar

In this webinar, we will take you through the technical parameters and behaviors to focus on when selecting the most suitable emollient to act as a dispersant for your mineral suncare formulations and demonstrate some easy-to-perform tests and visualizations you can use for this purpose.


Key takeaways:

  • Identifying the root cause of common formulation challenges with mineral sunscreens, such as agglomeration and white residue

  • Understanding the role and selection of the emollient – theory and practical tips

  • Interpreting and testing viscosity measurements


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The importance of choosing the right emollient when formulating mineral suncare formulations with high SPF

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Presented by Emelie Grönsterwall. 

Emelie has over 12 years of experience in innovation and formulation development within personal care, food, and nutrition. Holding an MSc. in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, she works closely with our customers on co-development projects, customized training, and technical troubleshooting. Emelie also has extensive experience in developing inspirational natural-based formulations to showcase the technical and sensory benefits of our portfolio.